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I need a website like fiverr. IT should have gigs and selling options

Budget: $ 5.00
Expected Delivery: 3 days
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Hi, I have a Siemens Smart 700 IE V3 part# 6AV6 648-0CC11-3AX0 that runs a Soft Candy Gummy Manufacturing Production LIne group of gummy making equipment that we purchased from China. I need someone to help access and configure the system. It is currently in "Sudden Stop" mode and some of the components do not work from the touch screen. I beleive a copy of the software can be run by logging in remotely or backed up on a seperate drive to make changes. I need someone familiar with these types of machines and this software.

Budget: $ 1,500.00
Expected Delivery: 4 days
Start date: February 16, 2020
End date: February 16, 2020

Location: 1216 Summer St. Portland OR2
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